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For many families, the summer, and especially Independence Day weekend means, loading up the family in the minivan and heading to the ballpark to create memories, take in the smell of fresh grass and hot dogs emanating in the concourse, and hear the roar of the fans for a home run.

This year has been very different, as Major League baseball still hasn’t started up. Finally, although it will be a little different, we are about to have baseball again.

Crowds will be at 50%, and fans will have to sit with their group and maintain six feet of distance when possible. What will this experience look like? Will it still be baseball? Is it an opportunity to reinvent an old game?

I sat down with our old friend and president of the Savannah Bananas, Jared Orton, to discuss how they are seizing the day and launching their season right in time for the Fourth of July. Will the bananas still hate the Macon Bacon? (and yes, the rivalry will live on)

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