What Sets Nevco Apart from the Competition

At Nevco, we’re known for our ability to take your fans’ game-day experience to the next level through our innovative scoring and display solutions. For over 80 years we’ve been committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products, the latest in LED technology and dedicated 24/7 service access. When you choose to partner with Nevco, you’re choosing to partner with a dedicated team whose job is to make your game-day vision a reality. Let’s take a look at what sets us apart from the competition.

We Offer the Most Innovative Scoring and Display Solutions

Our first Nevco scoreboard, built in 1934, was invented to solve a dispute at an Indiana High School basketball game. Our founder’s innovative spirit still permeates our culture and has led to eight decades of technological advancements that have helped transform the way millions of fans experience sporting events worldwide. Today, our entire product line includes not only traditional scoreboards, but also digital LED displays and captivating graphics, live scoring mobile apps, and sports marketing opportunities.

Our Strict Quality Standards Result in the Lowest Cost of Ownership

Our entire product line, from basic scoreboards to video displays utilizing the latest in LED technology, are made in America using only the highest quality components and latest manufacturing processes. We’re the only scoreboard manufacturer that offers an actual UL Listing on all of our required products – not a UL equivalent. A UL Listing means our products meet Underwriters Laboratories’ published and nationally recognized standards to ensure that all equipment installed in your facility is built for safety, durability, quality, and regulatory compliance. Our commitment to quality means our products exceed industry standards, and thus our competitors’, so you’ll utilize your scoring and display equipment for many years, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

Our Outstanding Service Gives You Peace of Mind

At Nevco, we built our reputation on delivering long-lasting products and outstanding customer service, and that dedication still exists today. Since all of our products are designed and manufactured in the U.S., our service technicians are equipped and knowledgeable to quickly answer any of your questions.  We begin all of our initial product designs with serviceability in mind so that they are easy to repair and have you quickly up and running again with minimal downtime. We offer the best parts and labor warranty in the industry, and unlike other manufacturers, we don’t obsolete previous versions of our products.

Customers Tell Us We’re the Most Responsive

Responsiveness to us means our Sales Consultants respond in a timely manner; our lead times are the shortest in the industry; and our on-time delivery rate is 99%.

Each customer has a dedicated Display and Scoring Consultant who will work with you from vision through installation. No two projects we’ve created are the same and our worldwide team stands ready to provide customized scoring solutions for any facility depending on budget, style, and use.

Because all of our products are designed in-house and manufactured in the U.S. we can provide the shortest lead times in the industry. Instead of using several vendors to complete your project, at Nevco, we have the resources to match every stakeholder on the other side of the table – whether you’re a superintendent or university president, athletic faculty, or technology/facilities/operations personnel. The breadth of our team and products means we can be your one-stop scoring and display solution provider.

Our commitment to responsiveness means that we move quickly to manufacture your equipment and we keep our promise on when you’ll receive it. Our on-time delivery rate is 99%, which means 99% of the time your equipment is delivered on the date we promised. This helps you plan your installation and key personnel to ensure your scoreboard is up and running by the time you need it.

Simply Put, We Have the Most Experience

Nevco is the country’s oldest and largest, privately held, scoring and display manufacturer. Being privately owned means we can respond quickly to our customers’ needs first, and not the needs of shareholders. For over 80 years, we’ve provided colleges, universities, high schools, park and recreation groups, and other organizations with the most innovative scoring and LED video display products in the industry. No matter the message, no matter the sport, no matter the campus, customer, or congregation, our team is experienced, knowledgeable, and customer-centric and want to help you maximize your impact.

To find out more about how Nevco can help you with your custom installation, contact us today at https://nevco.com/contact-nevco/.

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