The Tampa Bay Rays have notoriously experienced ongoing cash-flow problems. Observers of the troubled franchise hope that a possible deal with Fox SportsNet may mark the end of their frugal days. The long-term agreement would net them an average of $82 million over the next 15 years, more than doubling their current revenue stream.

Reportedly, the negotiations are going smoothly, and closure is imminent, but there are still some obstacles between the Rays and the dotted line. Fox is currently in its own negotiations to sell Fox Sports RSN to Disney, possibly endangering the deal’s approval. Reports say that Tampa Rays and Fox Sports reps are proactively wading through those murky details.

Attendance at recent Rays games has been shaky, even though they ranked 18th in television ratings in 2017. Fans and league observers see the new television deal as a possible path to rejuvenation for the franchise, as it could lead to a solid core of playoff-caliber players down the road.