It is officially gift giving season in the United States, and across the country people will be on the receiving end of gestures that could change their lives.

One item that could spawn a lifetime of memories and adventure is a Garrett metal detector. Company marketing director Steve Moore has seen firsthand how these gifts can influence a new explorer.

“That’s what I love. When you see a young person, a child, pick up one of these metal detectors and they go out and they find their first coin or a neat relic or maybe a piece of jewelry,” he said. “Once they find something really good, I mean they are hooked. And you probably can’t get them to put that thing down after that.”

Whether someone receives a Garrett metal detector this season or not, they very well may come into contact with one during the holidays in a different capacity than treasure hunting. The security division of the company equips airports, schools and event venues with wands and walk-through detectors to keep the public safe.

“When you see that security product that keeps you safe at your schools or at your sporting event, remember that’s also the same company that brings you fun and outdoor excitement with these treasure hunting models,” Moore said.