What the Film Industry Thinks About AMC’s New Release Timeline

Filmocracy Co-Founder and CEO Paul Jun and iHeartRadio’s Kyle McMahon tackle AMC and Universal’s new, 17-day timeline for films to head to video-on-demand – and how it might send waves throughout the rest of the movie industry.

Though AMC and Universal reserve the right to extend films’ stay in theaters, this new, shortened timeline gives the companies the leeway to pull films out of theaters and into VOD sooner than ever before.

In particular, the duo of industry thought leaders explored whether or not other major players will follow suit, if on-demand is set to become an even more influential part of the industry in the wake of the COVID-19 shutdown and ensuing recovery, and how the movie industry as a whole is working to stay afloat as the new normal tentatively dawns.

“In my opinion, I think [AMC and Universal’s decision] is going to hurt the industry,” McMahon said. “The general public is going to have no idea what the criteria is for Universal to pull a movie after 17 days. … If somebody’s on the fence about a movie and says, ‘You know, I may go see that in the theater, I’m not sure yet. – [Now, it’s,] ‘You know what, I can just wait three weeks and see it on VOD.”

Jun, however, thinks this move is representative of larger culture of instant gratification that’s already advanced past the point of no return.

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