Always Upgradeable, Always Configurable, Always Affordable: A Better Way to Fly

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Avionics are the nervous system of every aircraft—a complex, interconnected system of electronic sensors and controls. But in aviation, everything has an expiration date, and avionics, in particular, grow outdated as improvements in technology and safety become the new industry standard.

A new avionics product release often condemns its predecessors to the dustbin, either because of design incompatibility or lack of manufacturer support. But in many cases, avionics hardware is as good as new, and could be brought up to spec with a simple hardware or software upgrade. However, most manufacturers would rather bolster their bottom line than help customers keep older hardware running. Over time, especially with the high rate of technology change we are experiencing on our lives, this can become an unsustainable practice for many aircraft owners. Aspen Avionics’ products, on the other hand, are designed to be a long-term solution, that allows you to get the “next big thing” without having to always gut your panel.

Aspen was founded on the revolutionary idea that avionics don’t need to be expensive. By focusing on a sustainable and flexible hardware platform and software innovations, Aspen strives to increase avionics longevity and ensure that their solutions are always upgradeable, always configurable, and always affordable. This technological breakthrough creates long term value for pilots and aircraft owners, because their expensive avionics hardware doesn’t become outdated when a newer generation is released. And this freedom of choice is what sets Aspen apart from other avionics companies.

Aspen systems are versatile, meaning they can be easily configured to specific aircraft and flight requirements, and aircraft owners can choose to change individual systems as they require, tailoring avionics to their own needs. The hardware is designed to be upgraded with new software, making it virtually future proof and one of the top value avionics suites on the market. In addition, Aspen is flexible and easy to work with, quickly responding to customer needs.

Aspen’s objective is to provide adaptable, affordable solutions to keep existing systems up to spec. Their Evolution system manifests this flexibility and value by giving aircraft owners the option to upgrade their primary flight instrument “six pack” to glass cockpit technology all at once, or in stages—whichever they prefer. The system also allows simple and affordable modifications down the road, based on pilot need and affordability.

While most manufacturers in the industry will continue to push their new, expensive hardware, forcing older components into obsoletion, pilots and aircraft owners don’t need to overpay to keep their avionics safely and capably up to date. With Aspen, upgrading existing avionics with more features or increased capability is viable and affordable, providing aircraft owners the opportunity to update systems at their convenience without replacing their entire avionics suite.

With Aspen systems you get reliability, simple installations, and future-proof design, making Aspen products some of the easiest to use and among the best values in the industry.

To learn more about our “always upgradeable, always configurable, always affordable” philosophy, check out our videos at   Or contact us for more information.

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