Are Airlines Next In Line for a Supply Shortage?

With supply chains around the world struggling under the weight of the past year, will airlines be next in line to feel the effects?

MarketScale Say Yes to Travel host Sarah Dandashy weighed in.

“American Airlines is telling pilots to conserve fuel.

Now, this is really interesting for those that might not know. There is actually a jet fuel shortage that is happening right now within the United States, particularly the Western United States.

What’s been going on? Well, we obviously know, in the world of travel and hospitality, there has been an employment shortage. That’s also trickled down, [to] a lot of truck drivers who normally would deliver the jet fuel to a lot of these smaller airports. They do not have as many people working those jobs right now.

So, as a result, there is this jet fuel shortage. It’s happening now. If things go as planned, obviously, they are trying to fix this — they are looking to be out of this shortage by the middle of August.

But, right now, between now and then, it’s something to keep in mind, especially if you are traveling. … It could have some impacts on flight delays moving forward.”

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