Best Practices for Truck Rentals and Self-Storage

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Moving is stressful and expensive, so companies in the industry are always trying to convey convenience and ease for consumers. To provide this, many self-storage facilities turn to offering complimentary moving trucks. Trucks from On The Move deliver a differentiator for self-storage facilities and offer marketing visibility.

On a recent episode of the On The Move podcast “Impressions,” Carol Mixon-Krendl, President of SkilChek Services, joined On The Move Marketing Director CJ Stratte to discuss best practices for storage facilities. Mixon-Krendl is a veteran in the storage industry and has worked closely with On The Move for many years.

Free Moving Trucks Incentivize Customers

In most metro areas, there’s no shortage of self-storage facilities. One way to stand out is by offering free moving trucks.

“It’s the best way to get new people to move in at the cheapest price they can, and offering that free truck is a great incentive to get the customer to the store to rent from us,” Mixon Krendl said.

It’s one thing that customers can mark off their list, saving them time and money. Providing such a service enables a unique differentiator than just pricing. It can certainly lead to an uptick in renting.

Moving Trucks: Billboard Exposure without the Cost

Buying a billboard to advertise a business is costly. A moving truck with your business name, contact information and bold graphics works just the same. While it’s sometimes hard to track such efforts, Mixon-Krendl has some advice.

“Using a special phone number on the truck allows you to track the impact,” she said.

With this tracking phone number, Mixon-Krendl shared some of the results from her experiences.

“For one store, in the first month, we had 14 people call from the truck. I also had a store in a high-income area that wasn’t doing well. The location made it hard for traffic to see it, so they started parking the truck on the main road every morning, which resulted in 30 calls in the first month,” she shared.

Graphics Matter in Generating Responses

Graphically wrapped trucks are on the roads every day, but most of them aren’t getting the right kind of attention. Bad design, installation and poor placement can dilute the power of the message. With professional graphics, moving trucks stand out in a good way.

Krendl recommends key placement of the tracking phone number, emphasizing “free,” and using bold colors. It’s important to use a designer that understands vehicle graphics, because they are not the same as an actual billboard or poster.

Moving Trucks Elevate Storage Facility Capabilities

Self-storage facilities have the ability to offer a turnkey service with trunk rental, locks, packing supplies and space. It’s a way to deliver convenience and a competitive advantage. Further, it’s excellent for marketing purposes, especially when the truck is driving around the city.

To learn more about the benefits of moving trucks for storage facilities, listen to the podcast.

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