Electric Scooters: The Perfect Bicycle Replacement

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The “wave of the future” – that’s a pretty bold statement. However, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh described the electric scooter in this manner as she rode outside of City Hall. Pugh having just recently canceled a bike-share program which cost the city $3.2 million in the form of vanishing bikes, frustrating maintenance issues, and problems with the mobile app, it is understandable why a public official would be hesitant to allow another motorized transportation system.

Not with scooters.

The city’s bike-share program was shed in favor of dockless scooters provided by Bird and Lime. The new scooter-sharing pilot program will not cost the city anything, and it gives residents the opportunity to discover how scooters are a natural and superior replacement for the common bicycle.

Scooters Are For Everyone

It takes time to learn how to ride a bike, but in only a few seconds anyone can safely ride a scooter like a pro. As an all-ages vehicle, scooters are great for students trying to get to class before the bell or for professionals looking for an emissions-free way to get to work without having to deal with traffic. And while bikes are typically designed for either boys and girls, men and women, scooters are for all genders, delivering the same incredible experience for everyone across the board. On a similar note, if you’ve ever been on a bike that’s too big or too small, you know that a cyclist’s height impacts the ride. With scooters one size fits all, so whether you’re five-foot-six or six-foot-four, you’ll zip to your destination in comfort.

No Work, All Play

While many commuters in cities with scooter-sharing programs cruise to the office, riding the devices doesn’t take any work. Bicycles require the cyclist to exert considerable effort, and you can really break a sweat just getting to your destination. However, operating an electric powered scooter doesn’t require physical exertion on the part of the rider. You simply hop on, push off, and let the onboard motor whisk you away at a brisk 15 mph. Plus, even seasoned cyclists agree that riding a scooter is just plain fun.

The Perfect “Last Mile” Solution

The beauty of dockless electric scooter programs is that they help cities conquer the last mile problem better than bikes, which have to be located and dropped off at specific stations. With scooter-sharing, public transportation commuters simply step off a subway or bus, locate a nearby scooter, and cruise the last mile right to their doorstep. It’s fast, affordable, and offers unbeatable convenience.

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