Food Trucks and College Campuses are the Perfect Match

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With more than 4,000 food trucks across the United States, the industry has become a juggernaut. With young people driving this growth across the country, it’s clear that hungry college students prefer food that is fast, affordable, and easy to carry.

College campuses that want to satisfy current students and attract new learners should embrace this trend. Not only does this move satisfy students, but budget hawks and innovation leaders at the university will also find reasons to smile.

Meet Students Where They Are 

Today’s college students are more worried about being perfect than previous generations, according to a recent study. As such, college students are busier than ever, which means they need convenience in their meals. Food trucks on campus can give such students the flexibility and portability they want. In turn, the students can help grow the dining department’s brand.

With food trucks, colleges can also offer the new types of foods that today’s students want. It’s a less expensive way to incorporate gluten-free, vegetarian, paleo, and vegan dining options that some students want or need.

Keep the Money on Campus

Students have limited funds to spend on eating and there is plenty of competition for every dollar. By expanding the dining hall brand into mobile food trucks and offering more options for all students, dining departments get to give students what they really want and keep the money on campus.

Of course, today’s universities don’t have money to spend on frivolous items and inefficient programs. University Business reports that opening food trucks on campus keeps more of the money that students have to spend on campus. Universities who have gone this route found that they can fund more student activities.

Build and Award-Winning Brand 

Like with any restaurant, a campus’s dining department is a brand. Like in any industry, those brands that innovate and adapt will win awards and others will fall behind. Virginia Tech, who has long been an industry leader in on-campus dining, invested in trucks from On The Move. After On The Move wrapped the trucks, the university won advertising awards and the industry took notice. 

You can make your trucks look just as good and build a brand that turns heads. On The Move can help you with our full-service custom graphics and design, produce, and install the perfect truck wrap that draws students in and keeps them coming. Learn more about our graphics packages.



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