How AI Can Be Used to Automate Logistics Processes

August 2, 2021

AI is no mere buzzword; it’s popping up in practical applications in all industries. The supply chain is no exception, and, in an industry with a focus on process efficiency, enlisting AI’s possibilities makes perfect sense.

Warren Kucker, CEO of Shelly.AI, joined Careers on the Move to talk with host Tyler Kern about his company’s role in helping AI solutions enhance logistics in supply chains.

Shelly.AI is an email automation platform that sits within an organization’s email system to automate processes and create efficiencies that can make life a whole lot easier in the life of a supply chain operator.

Kucker got his first taste of supply chain working at UPS, and it instilled within him the desire to find ways to improve efficiencies through automation solutions.

“I’ve always been a process-oriented person,” Kucker said. “I love building processes, fixing problems and making them repetitive. Supply chain is the perfect spot for that.”

So, what changes does Kucker see occurring in supply chain?

“It’s definitely interesting to see what’s happening in the supply chain,” Kucker said. “Thirty years ago, it was hard to have a global supply chain. Only the top companies did. We were manufacturing in China or overseas and bringing in products into the U.S. Everything was hyperlocal. Now, it’s easier to come up with a product idea, source a manufacturer, have distribution to your customers through Google and Facebook ads, set up a 3PO, and get your supply chain going.”

But with more autonomy for smaller companies come the headaches for supply chain operators and managers to work with all of the various bits of technology and individual processes that may be completely different from another company’s approach. This problem is where Kucker thrives, and his mission is to focus on creating efficiencies through AI solutions to improve those processes.

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