If Your Campus is Under Construction, Why Not Use a Scooter to Get Around?

If you’ve been on a college campus recently, you’ve seen firsthand that they’re growing by leaps and bounds. And all that growth means one thing – construction. While it’s inspiring to see a thriving school, construction makes it challenging to get around. KickScooters Powered by Segway can provide a fun, affordable, and convenient alternative mode of transportation.

Construction Delays on University Campuses are Only Going to Get Worse 

According to an October 2018 MarketScale custom market research survey of verified college administrators in the U.S., there is no end in sight to new construction on college campuses. Respondents indicated 35% of their college campuses use temporary classrooms. That means more outdoor travel than ever before. In addition, in the next 12 to 24 months, 57% of college administrators say they will be renovating or constructing new educational facilities, 34% say they will be renovating or constructing new residential facilities, and 23% say they will be renovating or constructing new student unions – meaning the situation won’t be getting better any time soon. And only 27% of college administrators say new construction practices like pre-fabrication are speeding up the process. All that construction translates to lots and lots of students with a long way to travel between classes for a very long time.

Scooter-Sharing Provides a Solution to the Campus Construction Crisis 

Segway scooters are being used in cities throughout the world – including the college campuses in each. For those who need to go quickly from one side of a sprawling college campus to the other to get to class, a date, or a big game, walking or taking the bus won’t cut it, and a ride-sharing service is just too expensive. Scooter-sharing provides a fun, affordable, and convenient alternative. Segway is pleased to be a leader in the urban transportation revolution by supplying stylish, economical, and environmentally-friendly “Powered by Segway” KickScooters to the new scooter-sharing industry.

Power Your Campus Commute with KickScooters Powered by Segway 

The urban mobility revolution is here. As the industry leader in electric personal mobility, Segway is proud to bring KickScooters Powered by Segway to college campuses everywhere.

To find out more, visit http://poweredby.segway.com/content/new-mode-transportation.

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