When it comes to renewable energy and electric vehicles, Tesla is an obvious titan in the industry as they now seem to be embarking in the semi-truck transportation market. Recently, they’ve accepted pre-orders from 9 major corporations including Anheuser Busch and UPS in which they are working very closely in designing charging stations at their various transportation hubs.

Starting out, these Tesla Semi-trucks will only be used on driving routes that begin and end at company terminals rather than the typical scenario where it would require them to charge on the way to their destination. However, Elon Musk has made it clear that his intention is to on e day provide mega-chargers powered by solar energy located on major transportation routes to ensure that the needs of these electric semi-trucks are met for the years to come.

CNBC recently stated that Tesla intends to buy cheap excess solar power from the energy grid, store it in Tesla Powerpack batteries, then resell it at a profit to truckers. This of course has generated some push-back and doubt as ex-cofounder of Tesla, Ian Wright has stated that the cost of building those solar powered mega-charger facilities would be unrealistically high. So even though some major companies have already taken the plunge towards the future, it seems like many are taking a wait and see approach as they find out what will realistically take place over the next couple of years.