MarketScale Transportation 02/12/2019: Trends in Tech at the Chicago Auto Show


MarketScale traveled to the Chicago Auto Show to scope out the latest trends in the automotive industry. This week’s episode of the MarketScale Transportation Podcast features conversations with representatives from three different automakers who give their thoughts on emerging technology for automobiles.

This week’s show also features a conversation with an expert on railroads who explains how harsh weather, both cold and hot, can affect the railways in a big way.

What’s Next in Automotive Tech

For some, the first they think of when they hear the words “car show” is revving engines and popped hoods. However, car shows are increasingly becoming as much a place to show off new technology as they are an avenue to display the latest V6.

This feature takes insight from three experts on hand at the Chicago Auto Show, Bob Glight, Product Trainer at Lexus Motors, Matt Sloustcher, Manager of Public Relations for Acura, and Bill Gubing, Chief Engineer of the Ford Explorer and Police Interceptors.

“Connectivity is as important as just about any other feature in a car today, ” says Sloustcher. This sentiment was echoed by the other experts that MarketScale talked to at the show.

How Rails Deal With Extreme Temperatures

Extreme weather sweeping across the United States causes headaches for those in the transportation industry. Airports are often bombarded with delays and the roadways can become treacherous for drivers. But what about the railways?

Gareth Dennis, Senior Permanent Way Engineer and all-around railroad expert, says extreme weather like the polar vortex or a heat wave in Texas can cause problems. “Extremes of temperature means that steel shrinks when it’s cold so you get an increased number of rail breaks,” he says.

Skilled and experienced engineers like Dennis are necessary to prevent potential disasters from happening on the railways. In this podcast, he explains the way that tracks are maintained to prevent anything from happening to the tracks, no matter the weather.

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