Partnerships are a point of pride for On The Move, as these strong ties have allowed mutual growth and innovation over the years. Unicell is one of On The Move’s most important relationships. As a well-respected company that builds van and truck bodies, Unicell helps to ensure that On The Move is providing high-quality products to their customers. While both companies are certainly industry leaders, this partnership has only served to enhance customer satisfaction.

Unicell has been making truck and van bodies since the 1970s. Its parent company, DEL, was founded shortly after WWII by Jack Martin and a group of his colleagues from the Royal Canadian Society of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. These men served on the front lines, fixing everything from jeeps to tanks. When they returned they decided to form a truck equipment company.

Once DEL acquired a fiberglass boat builder and a truck body constructor, Unicell began working as their product line. Using the expertise and technology of both companies, DEL created something truly unique: the Unicell one-piece fiberglass van body. The new product was a hit. Not only did this seamless body mean no leaks could damage cargo, but also made for no rivets, meaning no rust marks. The one-piece body has a smooth and glossy finish which is perfect for installing and displaying vinyl graphic wraps.

When On The Move’s customer service is paired with the high standard for quality held by manufacturers like Unicell, everyone reaps the benefits. Unicell has grown to be North America’s leading manufacturer of one-piece fiberglass bodies for vans and trucks, and their customer base keeps growing. In turn, On The Move trusts that Unicell will deliver exactly what is needed, especially when customers need a special order.

All of Unicell’s trucks are built from the ground up. Everything from receiving the chassis, to shipping to manufacturing the body itself, they understand the importance of quality. This process takes time, however, meaning it may take 6 to 8 weeks to get a truck to their customers. Sure, there are ways to crank out a truck faster, but that would require cutting corners, which is something On The Move refuses to do.

When companies work together, they can push each other to be better. Whether it’s finding ways to be more fuel efficient or ensuring that customers are receiving the best customer service experience possible, collaboration is a cornerstone of On The Move’s success. To learn more about how they build their trucks, or to see how their vinyl wraps can help drive up your business, visit today!