Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin was joined by On the Move Senior Account Executive Tim Moranz and On the Move Insurance Agency Director Merle Harris to share key insights the company would have delivered at the Self Storage Association’s annual Spring Conference & Trade Show, which was cancelled in the wake of the spread of COVID-19.

“Obviously, we were looking forward to having it right here in our backyard, because we’re just outside of San Antonio,” Moranz said. “We were looking forward to seeing a lot of our friends from the industry. … But we are open for business. We’d love to see anyone that did come on in (for the show).”

On the Move was primed to share some key capabilities and use cases of their trucks at the since-postponed trade show, including displaying a truck on the show floor to highlight the quality of the brand’s graphical capabilities and wraps and continuing to push forward with an initiative aimed at encouraging customers to use On the Move trucks to give back to their communities.

“There are going to be things charities can use the trucks for, and they can help their neighbors out in any way they can,” Moranz said. “Hauling food, whatever it is – they’ve got this truck that’s branded with their name, and it’s making 600 visual impressions a mile going down the road. People will appreciate that.”

Both Harris and Moranz were excited about the prospect of leveraging virtual avenues in the wake of the trade show slowdown to deliver more thorough information to partners and potential customers, and the company plans to honor special show promotions, such as a special, show-only deposit to reserve a truck, remotely.

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