The Jerseyville, Illinois Economic Development Council recently announced the start of construction on a $500 million center for logistics to be served via rail line. Construction on the Mid-American International Gateway Business Park is set to begin this summer. 

The 1,400-acre facility will handle logistics for semi-truck loading on the connected Kansas City Southern Railroad (KCS). Additionally, manufacturing and assembly businesses will take up residence. Jerseyville is looking to gain around 1,000 jobs and a major economic boom once completed, with developers seeking foreign trade zone status to lubricate the processing of foreign goods. 

The Federal Railroad Administration reports that US freight rail is at least a $60 billion business, with major expansions planned all over the country. Capital Development is in the planning stages of a $125 million logistics center near Savannah, GA, propelled by the opening of a wider lane in the Panama Canal. A facility similar to those planned in Savannah and Jerseyville is being planned in South Fort Worth, TX by Hunt Southwest Real Estate. 

Though connecting these planned facilities to the rail system can sometimes slow the development, logistical facilities will break ground on construction nationwide within the next few years.