Real Estate Agents, Get Ready for Peak Season with On The Move

Last year, 11 percent of Americans moved homes, and half of these movers did so in the summer months. That means that over 17 million Americans may move between the end of May and Labor Day this year. Savvy real estate agents can prepare for peak season and boost their business through On The Move’s agent program.

On The Move knows that the real estate business relies heavily on word-of-mouth referrals, and happy clients make great references. The  real estate agent program allows agents to distinguish themselves as professionals who go above and beyond to make a client happy. In this program, agents lease a moving truck that has their unique branding on it. In turn, the agent can use this truck as an add-on benefit for clients. Below are just four of the many benefits this program offers real estate agents and their clients:

  1. Solve a Client’s Major Problem 

Moving homes is an arduous process, even when the new house is just down the street. One of the major concerns on movers’ minds is the process of renting a truck, which 33 percent of movers choose to do.

Perhaps the hardest way to move is without a truck. After all, not all clients can afford this expense after closing costs and everything else. 45 percent of Americans who move choose to do it themselves. Real estate agents who want to stand out in the business can offer to make this step easy for their clients through the On The Move program.

  1. Build a Brand 

On The Move offers an outstanding one-stop shop for truck wraps. On The Move can provide the truck and then design, print, and install the wraps right onto the vehicle. This creates a moving, eye-catching billboard that takes the agent’s brand throughout the area.

  1. Make Moving Easier 

On The Move trucks not only help agents look good, they genuinely make moving easier. These trucks have unique features that stand out against what clients are accustomed to renting. For example, movers love the patent-pending electric back door. Movers of all kind can smoothly operate this door, which also includes features like an emergency release and backup key operation in case of a power outage.

  1. Solve Additional Problems 

Real estate agents who take part in this program set themselves up to be real problem solvers for their clients. To build on that foundation, these agents can consider providing things like instructions on mail forwarding, checklists for things like moving utilities, and a list of essentials to pack in the first box that they unpack. By thinking through what clients really need, agents can earn those five-star reviews.

Peak moving season is just around the corner. With millions of people waiting to move, real estate agents must differentiate themselves. Agents who want to learn more about the advantages of this system can visit the On The Move website for further details.


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