The Challenges – and Benefits – of Environmental Compliance In Retail and Logistics

When it comes to environmental compliance, regulations continue to get more strict as companies and industries work to reduce their environmental impact.

For retail and logistics applications, the intricacies of ecological compliance can be complicated. One of the main questions for companies will be how to expand while still reducing their carbon footprint.

On this episode of Tank Talk, a Titan Cloud podcast, host Daniel Litwin talked with Jeff Sexten, Manager of EHS at XPO Logistics, Jon Marinas, Senior VP of Compliance Services at Titan Cloud, Brent Puzak, Vice President of Solutions Consulting at Titan Cloud, and our host for the conversation, John Donnelly III, Chief Revenue Officer at Titan Cloud.

The group dug into the specifics of environmental compliance as their industries move toward a future where environmental impact will be at the forefront of company discussions.

When it comes to sustainability in the industry, compliance managers and other professionals will play an important role. It’s a burgeoning challenge as environmental compliance becomes a prerequisite not only structurally but in broader social pressures and ESG strategies.

Compliance managers play an essential role and must have the foresight to find out the information needed and give it to others.

“I think the compliance managers play a pivotal role in sustainability,” Marinas said. “These guys are the eyes and ears of the department, and they’re abreast of all the happenings at the facility level.”

Listen to learn more as these thought leaders dive into how the industry will deal with environmental regulations.

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