The Microtransit industry is a burgeoning new component of the transportation landscape. In this latest episode of Roads, Rails, & Rides host Jeb Morris sits down with Gene Watson of dtmac.matters, Macon Georgia’s Micro-Mobility advocate, to discuss the various challenges presented with a microtransit service startup.

Macon, GA is a mid-sized city in the heart of Georgia with a fascinating history. Indigenous people settled there as early as 1100 AD and modern history has been recorded in the area since 1809. Educational institutions include Wesleyan College, Mercer University, and Middle Georgia State University to name a few. Large parks, rich music heritage, several museums, and the International Cherry Blossom Festival all combine to create a thriving downtown area prime for a micro-mobility “first mile last mile” initiative. In this segment, Gene describes his efforts working with private investors, Hop On Athens, Macon Transit Authority, and the Macon Convention and Visitors’ Bureau to educate and promote an LSV (Low Speed Vehicle) approach to offsetting the parking challenges faced by an increasing shift in population moving back into the downtown area.

To learn more about the challenges of a microtransit startup working with investors, municipalities, and public-private partnerships for the purpose of providing access mobility to a vibrant and thriving downtown community be sure to tune in to this episode of MarketScale’s Roads, Rails, & Rides.

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