A metaphor is an interesting thing. One especially accurate metaphorical phrase is “supply chain.” There is, sometimes, a misconception as to the length of that chain. It actually extends further than conventional wisdom would have you believe. On today’s podcast, our host had a conversation with Adam Robinson, Marketing Manager for Cerasis.

They discussed the true length of the supply chain, how technology requires you to upgrade all links equally to maintain progress, and how the choice moving forward is really very simple: Evolution vs Extinction. Robinson gives insight on how blockchain in shipping is being brought up as the “silver bullet” to solve all the industries problems. But more generally, he explains how technology like deep learning algorithms that keep shippers focused on data analytics for actionable insight rather than booking schedules will help root unnecessary costs out of the supply chain.

“Supply chain improvements can no longer happen in a silo. You can’t look at your supply as individual functions,” Robinson said. “It’s not just warehousing. It’s not just a focus on transportation. It’s not just a focus on carrier relations or vendor management. It’s a focus on all of those things.”

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