Unraveling Tracer Wire: Benefits and Alternatives

July 28, 2023

In this timely episode of Trident Talks, hosted by Gabrielle Bejarano, we dive into the fascinating world of underground utility protection with the National Account Manager at Presco Products, Sean Cash. Join us as we explore the cutting-edge technology of copper clad steel tracer wire and its potential to revolutionize the way we safeguard essential utilities.

Teasing the core question of the conversation:

How can copper clad steel tracer wire elevate underground utility protection?

Main points of conversation:

  • Understanding the wire and its crucial role in preserving underground utilities.
  • The superiority of copper clad steel over traditional solid copper wire.
  • Real-world applications and success stories of copper clad steel wire in underground utility projects.

Guest Bio:

Sean Cash is the Business Development Manager for the Water and Sewer Industry at Presco. With extensive experience in the field, Sean brings invaluable insights into the applications and benefits of copper clad steel tracer wire.

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