Creating a Culture of Patient Access

May 9, 2023
Sonia Gossai

Patient access is a crucial aspect of a person’s overall healthcare experience, heavily driven by the ease of access to care. As consumerism continues to increase, patients expect a seamless and person-centered care journey. Many organizations realize this shift and have initiatives to prioritize access by making it easy to schedule appointments and communicate with healthcare providers.

Organizations that do this well have concentrated efforts to ensure that the patient is at the center of everything they do, which ultimately impacts the overall organizational culture. Creating a culture of patient access starts with having the right mindset and the right tools in place.

What are some ways that technology is improving patient access?

In this new episode of the “DashTalk” podcast, host Gabrielle Bejarano interviewed Bryant Hoyal, Vice President of Client Services at Relatient. They discussed how the patient experience should be prioritized in healthcare, how scheduling can impact this, and what healthcare organizations can be doing to focus on creating a culture of patient access.

Hoyal suggests that healthcare leaders should start by incorporating patient access language into their mission and vision statements, then assess their internal culture through surveys and conversations with frontline employees.

Bejarano and Hoyal further talked on…

1. Why Healthcare organizations should be focusing on creating a culture of patient access

2. How organizations can ensure that providers, practice managers, and patients’ needs are being met

3. How leveraging technology can help drive better access

“I think that creating a culture around patient access is keeping the patient’s preference in mind, and that can be hard to do when you’re trying to centralize scheduling and pull that function out of your individual practices…” said Hoyal.

Bryant Hoyal has been the Vice President of Client Services at Relatient since December 2022. Before her role with the company, she was an Executive Director at a large Atlanta-based health system for nearly a decade. She has more than two decades of healthcare management experience and is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology, and holds a certificate in healthcare from Cornell University.

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