CtUC 2023: A Leading Educational Event for Healthcare Workers

April 11, 2023


Key Points:

  1. The Censis Technologies User Conference (CtUC) will welcome sterile processing industry leaders and top professionals in September 2023 in Nashville, TN.
  2. Attending the event offers benefits including learning outcomes, additional learning tools, and material.
  3. The event will be an in-person three-day educational event with confirmed dates for September 10-12, 2023.


The Censis Technologies Users Conference is an annual event for the sterile processing industry. It is the largest and longest-running users’ conference in the industry, and focuses on training technicians, management, and future leaders. Recently, the event confirmed a three-day, in-person training event that will be held in Nashville, Tennessee, on September 10-12, 2023. This event will give attendees access to award-winning industry professionals from departments across the United States.

About Censis Technologies: Based in Franklin, Tennessee, Censis Technologies is the leader in Surgical Instrument and asset management software.

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