Celebrating Two Decades of Raptor Technologies: A Beacon in K-12 School Safety

October 20, 2022


As Raptor Technologies marks its 20th anniversary, the firm is garnering well-deserved appreciation for its significant contributions to school safety. A wide range of individuals, including Michelle Gay and Molly Hedchens from Safe and Sound Schools, and industry expert Anne Marie Christian, have extended their heartfelt congratulations, lauding the company’s dedication to enhancing K-12 school security. The company’s CEO, Gray Hall, voiced his pride in guiding Raptor Technologies during its twentieth year committed to making K-12 schools safer. Raptor’s former CEO and current board member, Jim Westerman, praised the company’s accomplishments over the past two decades and anticipates a promising future. Reflecting on the company’s journey, Alan Miesem, the founder of Raptor Technologies, reflected on starting the company from his house 20 years ago and congratulates the company on its growth, including expanding internationally.

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