Jacob Hastings

Director of Analytics at BlitzMetrics/Content Factory

Jacob is a young prodigy in the industry of digital marketing. At just 23, Jacob holds the position of Director of Analytics at Blitzmetrics, expertly delivering strategies for various clients from law firms to wellness centers and much more.

Not one to confine his skills to the office, Jacob has taken to the stage of the National Speakers Association, where he has showcased his expertise and shared his insights on the rapidly changing landscape of digital marketing.

Despite his youth, Jacob's academic portfolio is impressive. He possesses a Bachelor's degree in Public Communication and Leadership, supplemented by a Minor in Business Administration. Additionally, his certifications in Profit and Loss, Dollar-a-Day Ads, and the Content Factory highlight his hands-on industry experience. He's a youthful dynamo reshaping the face of digital marketing one business at a time.

Contact Jacob Hastings at Jacob@yourcontentfactory.com

Bachelors in Science 2018
Major: Public Communication and Leadership.

Minor: Business Administration
digital-marketing-1 Digital Marketing
Video Editing
image-57-1 Communication
social-media-n Social Media Marketing
image-1 Data Analysis
image-2 Business Administration

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