Jesse Cole

Owner Savannah Bananas

Jesse is the founder of Fans First Entertainment, who owns and operates the Savannah Bananas. The Bananas have welcomed more than 1 million fans to their ballpark and have been featured on MSNBC, CBS Sunday Morning, Access Hollywood, HBO Real Sports, CNN, and ESPN. The Savannah Bananas currently have sold out every game since the first season and have a wait list for tickets that's over 60,000. Cole is an in-demand speaker and author of "Find Your Yellow Tux - How to Be Successful by Standing Out," and "Fans First, Change the Game, Break the Rules & Create an Unforgettable Experience." Cole believes to be successful you need to Stand Out and Be Different. He releases blogs and videos regularly on LinkedIn. He is passionate about creating attention, loving your customers more than your product and loving your employees more than your customers. Cole's mantra is "Whatever's normal, do the exact opposite."

Bachelor's Degree in Humanities - Leadership 2003-2007
customer-services Customer Service
Fans First
image-4 Management

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Jesse Cole on reinventing the notion of fan engagement

n this week’s episode, podcast co-hosts Eric Fisher and Chris Russo interview Jesse Cole, owner of the Savannah Bananas. Fisher and Russo also discuss the still-turbulent world of sports streaming amid a new batch of third-quarter earnings reports, the strategic merger between Major League Pickleball and the Vibe Pickleball League, the collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX that has led to a bankruptcy filing and dissolution of some sports sponsorships, the National Basketball Association’s move to heighten its strategic investment activity, and deepened chaos for prominent social media platform Twitter under new owner Elon Musk.

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Meet the Savannah Bananas, who’ve captivated fans and MLB. ‘We exist to make baseball fun’

Rather than trotting to first base, the batter breaks into a sprint and doesn’t stop, rounding the bag at full speed. The catcher jumps up and throws to the shortstop, who tosses to the second baseman.

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The Story Behind the Massive Success of the Savannah Bananas

Tyler Kern - April 12, 2022

If you've browsed social media recently there's a decent chance you've seen a video of the Savannah Bananas. Everything from hitters doing the splits, to dancing grandmas, to flaming bats - nothing is off-limits.

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Who are the Savannah Bananas?

Tyler Kern -

Drive to historic Grayson Stadium in Savannah, Ga., and you'll immediately be struck by a sense of grandeur. After passing old brick buildings lining Savannah's downtown, you'll pull between the ancient Spanish moss-covered oak trees that surround the park. With the sounds of gloves popping and bats cracking, you could be forgiven if you thought you were having a beautiful dream.

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