Jesse Cole

Owner Savannah Bananas

Jesse Cole is the founder of Fans First Entertainment, known for owning the Savannah Bananas. The Bananas have 1M+ fans, have sold out every game since inception, and been featured on major media outlets. Jesse is also an author and speaker, advocating for standing out and prioritizing customers and employees.

Bachelor's Degree in Humanities - Leadership 2003-2007
462210-1 Fans First Strategy
image-36 Sports Management
image-39 Sports Business
image-37 Sports Marketing
462210 Brand Identity

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Bonus Content

Being Fans First Created a Team Bigger Than Baseball

Jesse Cole - January 17, 2023

The classic line from Field of Dreams is, if you build it, they will come. In Savannah, Georgia, a more appropriate baseball saying might be, if you make it fun, they will come.

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The Story Behind the Massive Success of the Savannah Bananas

Jesse Cole - April 12, 2022

If you've browsed social media recently there's a decent chance you've seen a video of the Savannah Bananas. Everything from hitters doing the splits, to dancing grandmas, to flaming bats - nothing is off-limits.

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Is Your Business Ready for the Projected Upswing in Travel?

Jesse Cole - April 13, 2021

Jesse Cole is the Founder of Fans First Entertainment and Owner of the Savannah Bananas, and he joined us to talk about the projected upswing in travel."I am fired up.

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Fans First

Pre-Game: Normal Gets Normal Results

Jesse Cole - June 13, 2020

The Savannah Bananas are a baseball team but owner Jesse Cole knows they arent in the baseball industry. Theyre in the Fans First Experience industry.

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Fans First

First Inning – Warmup

Jesse Cole - June 12, 2020

A lifelong baseball fan, Jesse Cole has seen it all. From potential big-league dreams to a journey toward finding how best to engage with the game after his career came to a close, Cole eventually landed an internship with a small team in South Carolina.

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Fans First

First Pitch: The Savannah Bananas Take the Field

Jesse Cole - June 11, 2020

When Cole, his wife and their small team began working to replicate past success in Savannah, they sold two ticketsin three months. The lowest point came shortly after, when the team was informed it had completely overdrawn the organizations bank account.

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