John Harmon, CFA

Managing Director, Technology Research Coresight Research

John Harmon is a distinguished technology and equity analyst with a remarkable career spanning over two decades, encompassing both on and off Wall Street. His extensive experience has taken him across various global regions, including Europe, Asia, and the United States, where he has made a significant impact. John holds a strong background as an electrical engineer, with a particular focus on optical communications. His expertise extends to a comprehensive understanding of communication semiconductors, telecommunications equipment, and electronics, including test and measurement equipment. His proficiency in these domains has contributed to his outstanding track record as an analyst. Currently, John is deeply immersed in researching retail technology and emerging retail trends, staying at the forefront of an ever-evolving industry. His unique blend of technical knowledge and analytical prowess makes John Harmon a respected figure in the world of technology and equity analysis.

MS, Engineering - Economic Systems 1988-1991
BS, Electrical Engineering 1985-1988
image-21 Financial
pngtree-trading-line-icon-vector-png-image_6708688-3 Telecommunications
pngtree-trading-line-icon-vector-png-image_6708688-4 Semiconductors

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