Kevin Koharki

Associate Professor of Accounting Purdue University

Kevin provides financial advising and acumen training so non-accounting/finance professionals understand and can communicate the financial value of their work, how it fits into the broader value of the programs and business units they manage, as well as their organizations as a whole.

Unless employees understand the interplay between their decisions and the financial impacts of those decisions on their firms’ performance, employees and their leaders are often unable to achieve peak performance because they simply do not speak the same language. It begins with Executives.

He advises Executives at all levels, using one-on-one sessions, cohort-based learning, keynote speeches, and Investor Day presenations, on how to speak the language of Finance with others both inside and outside of their firms. Executives who speak the same language will trust each other more and make better decisions together. This helps them reach new heights of performance, enhances their career progression, and ultimately benefits their firms. Their success is his success and he enjoy watching them succeed.

Doctor of Philosophy - PhD, Accounting 2009 - 2014
Master of Business Administration - MBA, Finance 2007 - 2009
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