Larry Yu

Professor of Hospitality Management The George Washington University School of Business

Liang "Larry" Yu is a distinguished Professor of Hospitality Management at the George Washington University School of Business, with expertise in Knowledge Management, Hospitality Management, and Organizational Culture. His current research delves into areas such as Hotel Market Analysis, Tourism Product Value Chain Analysis, and Hospitality Crisis Management. Over the years, he has secured multiple research grants, including studies on cultural preservation in China's Mount Wutai, tourism assessments in South Africa and Zambia, and the adaptive effectiveness of expatriate hospitality managers in China.

Ph.D. 1985 - 1988
image-16-300x300-1 Hospitality Crisis Management
image-2-300x300-1 Hotel Market Analysis
Tourist Satisfaction
image-74-300x300-1 Tourism Product Value Chain Analysis

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cancellations and no-shows

Cancellations and No-Shows Are Putting Strain on Restaurant Owners. They Should Invest in Data Solutions and Improved Customer Experience.

Larry Yu - July 31, 2023

Cancellations and no-shows are revenue killers for restaurants. An empty table reserved for diners who dont show up means a double lossthe original booking and potentially other customers who could have occupied that table.

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Equitably Paying Hospitality Workers Through a Merit-Based System Can Increase Hotel Profits

Larry Yu - July 22, 2023

The secret to success in the highly competitive world that hospitality workers command, goes beyond luxurious amenities and stellar serviceit often lies within the satisfaction of the workforce. As waves of hotel strikes continue to spread, hotel management must implement strategic benefits for their employees, such as pay increases and creating opportunities to showcase individual performance.

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