Mike McCalley

Fractional Chief Growth Officer & Consultant The Vertical Solution

Mike is a leading marketer with expertise ranging from start up ventures to fortune 50 companies. With a passion for B2B and community building, Mike has evolved how traditional companies go to market and truly educate, inform, and inspire their community. When Mike isn't building out media and strategy plans for companies you can find him announcing his local high school football games and spending time with his family in Plano, TX.

Master of Business Administration
Bachelor of Arts - History
Master of Arts - Public Policy
advertising-ads Advertising
teaching Teaching
product-manage Product Management
image-1 Strategic Planning
Product Development

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Architecture & Design

The Future of LEED Certification and Construction

Tyler Kern - May 6, 2022

LEED certification, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a comprehensive rating system that green-focused companies aim for in the construction of their buildings. Abiding by the guidelines to meet this certification not only comes with the honor of being recognized as a company that places an importance on environmental safety, but also for social good of the future.

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Maintaining Whole Margins and Good Relationships During Inflation

Tyler Kern - April 27, 2022

Key Insights: Inflation means rising prices, but your customer relationship should come first. Collaborate with your vendor partnerships to combat price changes on supplies.

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Business Services

B2B Digital Transformation and the Importance of Owned Content Channels

MarketScale - March 29, 2021

How are B2B companies handling the next phase of digital transformation when it comes to owned content channels? Lets find out, as host Tim Maitland talked with Mike McCalley, VP at Vixxo, a facilities management company.

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