Nick White

Data Strategy Director Kin + Carta

Nick White is a agile, curious and innovative cross-functional leader with a track record of identifying opportunities and strategies resulting in bottom line and top line revenue growth. Expert in the complete project cycle – from initiation to closing.

Certification, Project Management 2017 - 2018
Certification, Business Analysis 2016 - 2016
Creative Writing, Sketch Writing, Comedy Writing, Improv 2011 - 2011
marketing-strategies Marketing strategy
online-market Online Marketing
business-analysis Business Analysis

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It's Impossible to Regulate AI in a Vacuum. It's Inextricably Linked to People and Their Existing Laws.

Nick White - August 2, 2023

Is it possible to regulate AI and put limits on this seemingly boundless technology? Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has announced nine "AI Insight Forums" this fall as a first step towards understanding such an overwhelming and revolutionary technology.

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