Randall Spivey

CEO Center for Personal Protection and Safety

As the CEO of the Center for Personal Protection and Safety, Randall lead a team of experts in providing security and safety solutions to clients across various sectors and industries. With over 20 years of work experience, Randall have developed strong expertise in crisis management, threat assessment, and risk mitigation. He have also designed and delivered multiple training programs on personal protection, workplace violence prevention, and active assailant readiness, response, and recovery. His mission is to empower individuals and organizations to protect themselves and others from harm and to create a culture of safety and resilience. Randall driven by the values of integrity, excellence, and service, and I seek to collaborate with diverse and innovative partners who share my vision.

Bachelor of Applied Science - BASc, International Relations and Affairs 1984 - 1988
MS, Counseling and Human Resource Development 1989 - 1993
image-13 Risk Management
image-9 Leadership
image-18-1 Training
image-1 Strategic Planning

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