RayeCarol Cavender, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Retailing and Tourism Managemen University of Kentucky

Dr. RayeCarol Cavender is an Associate Professor in the Department of Retailing and Tourism Management (RTM) at the University of Kentucky. She holds a B.S. in Merchandising Management with a minor in Spanish from Virginia Tech and a M.S. in Consumer Affairs with a minor in International Studies from Auburn University. She holds a PhD in Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management from Virginia Tech with a focus on Apparel Business. She also has extensive experience in customer service in the hotel and restaurant industries. At the University of Kentucky, Dr. Cavender teaches courses in merchandising, apparel, and textiles. Her major research interests include the brand management of luxury fashion goods, sustainable development in the retail sector, and pedagogical best practices for 1) fostering diversity, equity and inclusion, 2) education abroad and facilitating transformational travel experiences, and 3) soft skill development. Dr. Cavender is a member of the International Textile and Apparel Association, the American Collegiate Retailing Association, and the National Retail Federation. Dr. Cavender also serves on the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment’s (CAFE) Diversity Advisory Council and is the Department Diversity Representative for RTM. In these roles, Dr. Cavender works to advance CAFE’s diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in four strategic areas: awareness, recruitment and retention, pedagogy, and partnerships.

Doctor of Philosophy, Apparel Business 2008-2012
Masters of Science, Consumer Affairs 2005-2007
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The Forever 21 & Shein Partnership Makes Strategic Sense. It's Still an Environmental Blight on the Retail Fashion Supply Chain.

RayeCarol Cavendar - November 19, 2023

The recent collaboration between Forever 21 and Shein marks a significant juncture in retail fashion, merging Forever 21's established retail presence with Shein's innovative direct-to-consumer model. This partnership, however, raises serious concerns about sustainable development and the environmental impact of fast fashion, known for its high carbon emissions and contribution to environmental degradation.

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