Sergio Reyes

Chief Operating Officer (COO) at MarketScale

As a Senior Business Leader with experience at Nokia and American Airlines, I specialize in operations management and process improvement. Join me in my podcast episodes on, where I share insights from my professional journey to help you navigate the world of business operations.

Master of Science, Industrial Engineering; Operations Research
Master of Business Administration, Business Administration; Finance
Activities and societies: General Coordinator Student Council
Business Operations
image-4 Management
operational Operations Management
image-15 Business Leadership

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Recent Posts


Cómo el contenido creado por tu comunidad es critico para las empresas B2B en 2023

Sergio Reyes - May 15, 2023

El mundo del marketing de contenidos est en constante cambio, adoptando nuevos medios y estilos, desde blogs e infografas hasta podcasts y TikToks. A pesar de estas evoluciones, una estrategia fundamental sigue siendo constante: es importante que cualquier marca involucre a sus comunidades internas y externas, ya que estas comunidades son ideales para generar contenido de calidad.

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Building Management

Scale with Sergio: Opening a New Manufacturing Facility Isn’t Easy

Sergio Reyes - July 16, 2020

No matter how much experience or expertise a manufacturing company has, expanding operations is never easy. Even if theyve done it before.

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Business Services

Scale with Sergio: Additive Agility for Supply Chains

Sergio Reyes - June 19, 2020

On this segment of Scale with Sergio, host and Marketscales Executive VP of Operations, Sergio Reyes, visits once again with Dr. Raymundo Arryave.

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Business Services

Scale with Sergio: Examining the Supply Chain in the Fashion Industry

Sergio Reyes - June 4, 2020

Supply chains are the backbone of any operation, and thats particularly true in the fashion industry, where sourcing, manufacturing and delivery are quite literally make-or-break.To help host Sergio Reyes dive into visibility, management and more when it comes to supply chains in the fashion industry, Smartwool Head of Operations Aloke Mishra joined this episode of Scale with Sergio to share his insights.

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