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ScreenBeam in the classroom

Collaborative Tech Talk: ScreenBeam in the Classroom

Teachers have a lot to keep up with when it comes to classroom structure. This is not always helped by new technology, which can sometimes make a complicated job even more so. But there are some new technologies which are actually improving the lives of teachers. ScreenBeam’s 1000Edu is one of those pieces of tech, […]


ISE 2023 In Barcelona: What to Expect from ScreenBeam Inc.

In the recent episode of Collaborative Tech Talk, host Michelle Dawn Mooney, recently spoke with ScreenBeam’s Jay Taylor, senior director of strategic alliances & technical marketing, and David Charbit, business development manager of EMEA, about what to anticipate from ScreenBeam at the upcoming ISE 2023 business conference slated for end of January in Barcelona, Spain. […]

El trabajo híbrido ha cambiado la colaboración permanentemente. ¿Esto requie-re inversiones en renovar la oficina?

  En este primer episodio hispanohablante del podcast Collaborative Tech Talk de ScreenBeam, exploramos tendencias en el trabajo híbrido en Latino América y cómo esta gran migración a un nuevo tipo de trabajo ha afectado a las instalacio-nes y sus profesionales. Hay una pregunta inminente para muchas organizaciones hoy en día: Cómo habilitar espacios para […]

Nuevos desafíos y soluciones de trabajo remoto

  Nuestros invitados Flavio Calonge (desarrollador de negocios para Latinoamérica de Screenbeam) y Pablo Velez (CEO de COMSULTING SAS) nos cuentan como la marca LABERINT del grupo COMSULTING nos brinda soluciones para el trabajo híbrido, tanto en ambientes educativos como corporativos. Fundada en el año 2014, COMSULTING ha marcado la pauta en Latinoamérica creando soluciones […]

ScreenBeam Announces Partnership with Carousel Digital Signage

Collaboration and partnership are two synonymous terms that mean everything to ScreenBeam’s success. Collaborative Tech Talk’s host, Daniel Litwin, shared some important news – as of May 6, ScreenBeam and Carousel Digital Signage have entered into a partnership to deliver seamless digital signage integrations into classrooms and meeting spaces across verticals to bring active content […]

Collaborative Tech Talks: How Educators Should Prepare for a Post-Pandemic Classroom Environment

With the signing of the American Rescue Plan Act, a portion of the $1.9-trillion federal relief fund will be directed into the nation’s educational system. However, the challenges faced by educators all over the country aren’t over yet. School leaders must now maneuver through the law’s requirements and strategize the best way to use the […]

The Impact of COVID on Integrators and Solutions Planning

  Mark Coxon, Technology Leader at Tangram Interiors, Digital Workflow and AV Professional Blogger, and Podcast Host, stopped by Collaborative Tech Talk to talk about the impact of COVID-19 – specifically, the pandemic’s effect on integrators from a planning standpoint. One of the primary things Coxon felt has been missing since the pandemic hit is […]

Maximizing Year-End Education Budgets

  Educational institutions must maximize their year-end budgets by getting the jump on 2021. David Lopez, Senior Manager of Strategic Alliances for ScreenBeam, provided some much-needed tips and advice for educators looking to make the most of their 2020 budget without leaving available funds on the table. Lopez admitted that 2020 was a unique and […]

Empowering Active Teaching and Learning in Modern Classrooms

On this episode of ScreenBeam’s Collaborative Tech Talks, Dr. Judy Fields, CEO of Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence, and David Lopez, ScreenBeam Senior Manager, Strategic Alliances joined host Tyler Kern to outline the partnership between the two companies and how it will benefit K12 schools. Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence, Fields said, has worked for […]

The Orchestration Tool Every Teacher Can Appreciate

In a wireless world, why should classrooms be any different? Technology has made a huge impact on teaching, but it’s not been without challenges. One of the greatest challenges teachers face is being able to collaborate and orchestrate while staying mobile. ScreenBeam wireless displays make that possible, and Classroom Commander is the perfect software complement. […]

Collaborative Tech Talk: Touchless Technology to Support Education During the Pandemic

One way or another, back to school season is coming, but this fall is shaping up to be the start of a school year like no other. David Lopez, Senior Manager of Strategic Alliances at ScreenBeam, spoke about the challenges facing schools across the country in how to return kids to learning during the COVID-19 […]

Collaborative Tech Talks: Strategies to Enable Safe Employee Collaboration in the Workplace

  You’ve heard it a thousand times — we’re living in unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic has already changed how we work, live and play. Now, as companies prepare to safely transition employees back to the workplace, how can you implement technology to create lower-risk spaces? To answer that question, host Shelby Skrhak sat down […]

Collaborative Tech Talk: Planning Technology in the Classroom Through Reverse Engineering

  Creating the right technology environment is critical to today’s learning. But how does one go about setting up classroom technology the correct way? It all begins in the planning stages. David Lopez, Senior Manager of Strategic Alliances, North America, EDU, at ScreenBeam, and Tammy Dunbar, Teacher, STEM, Manteca Unified School District, spoke with host […]

Collaborative Tech Talk: Thoughts on Upcoming Bett and ISE Tradeshows

  On this episode of Collaborative Tech Talk with ScreenBeam, the topic of conversation was the upcoming trade shows Bett (The British Educational Training and Technology Show) in London on Jan. 22-25 and ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) in Amsterdam on Feb. 11-14. Jerome Moret and David Charbit from ScreenBeam joined the podcast to discuss the […]

Collaborative Tech Talk: How ScreenBeam Became the Gold Standard in Wireless Display Technology

  When a brand becomes synonymous with the product they’ve created, it’s called an eponym. Kleenex, Q-Tip, Scotch Tape, these are all brand names who created a product so revolutionary, it became the gold standard. The same could be said for ScreenBeam’s technology. We discussed what it took to put ScreenBeam at that coveted gold […]

The Difference Between Consumer and Enterprise Wireless Displays

  Not all wireless display solutions are created equal, especially when it comes to residential versus enterprise needs. On this episode of the Software and Technology Podcast, we sat down with Jay Taylor, Senior Director of Strategic Alliances for ScreenBeam, a leader in wireless display and collaboration solutions. When Miracast was introduced as the industry standard […]

David Lopez said

Untethering the Teacher: The Power of a Wireless Classroom

  Whiteboards, power-points, desktop computers, and overhead projectors are just some of the everyday tools that have characterized the primary school classroom for decades. Today, these tools have been exchanged for iPads, touchscreens, and tablets. Despite this introduction of new, cutting-edge tech in education, David Lopez, senior manager of strategic alliances for education at ScreenBeam, […]

Michael Daskalopoulos talk

What Should Businesses Know When Switching to Wireless Display Solutions?

  Most of us traded landline phones for wireless mobile devices years ago. But for businesses thinking about ditching traditional audio-visual displays for next-generation wireless solutions, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. In this episode of the Software and Technology Podcast, Mike Daskalopoulos, director of strategic platform technology at ScreenBeam, shared some […]

Mike Ehlenberger says

How to Properly Go Wireless for Workplace Collaboration

  The workplace has changed; some would say for the better, others would say for the worse. Mobile workforces, open floor plans, co-working spaces, and IoT have all impacted the modern office in different ways, but a pretty agreed upon improvement in workplace culture and design has been a focus on collaboration. Digital displays have […]