Digital Disruption


Digital Disruption: Innovation and Health Plan Design & Health Insurance

In commercial health insurance, innovations are taking place to re-imagine health plan design. Daniel Corliss, Chief Executive Manager and Founding Partner at BSP (Business Stimulus Partners), and DC Angel spoke with Digital Disruption’s Hilary Kennedy about the changes he’s seeing. “A lot is going on, but some of the critical components that are teed up […]

Exploring Healthcare Coverage Alternatives

  Inaccessibility to low-cost health insurance is a fact of life for many people, as well as employers who want to offer part-time and 1099 workers solutions. Where can people turn to when they want affordable healthcare coverage? Charlie Geiselhart, CRO of Healthcare2U, spoke with Daniel Litwin about how more companies and people are considering […]

Cost Containment Strategies for Healthcare Plans

The rising costs of prescription medications in the U.S. are top of mind for anyone who relies on daily doses for their health. Between 2000 and 2017, some studies put the prescription drug cost increases in the U.S. as high as 76%. So, what are consumers to do? Greg Santulli, CEO of RX Valet, offered […]

Navigate Disruptions to Care that Affect Health, Budgets and Operations

The healthcare landscape is growing more complex seemingly by the day – and that was leading the industry down a dark path toward worried patients and overwhelmed physicians when it comes to the intricate web of payments, budgeting and operations. That’s why Co-founder and President Ryan Coplon formed HealthWallet. The “health concierge” service offers a […]