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the InCharge Energy team
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The InCharge Energy team, led by SVP of Operations and Richmond native Van Wilkins, embarked on a three-mile team-building hike through Richmond, Virginia, exploring historical sites. In this special segment, a brief look into the hike included the Potterfield Memorial Bridge, with members from finance, marketing, engineering, field service, and programs departments all participating…

EV driving in cold weather made possible with InControl
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As electric vehicle (EV) owners prepare for winter, how can they ensure their vehicles remain fully charged and ready to face cold weather conditions without constant supervision?  Russell Schmidt, Vice President of Digital Products at InCharge Energy, offers some clarity into how their proprietary charge management software, InControl, not only addresses range anxiety in…


electric school buses
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In the quest to combat climate change, innovative solutions in the transportation sector stand out as pivotal battlegrounds. Luke Nolan, the Global Account Manager at Incharge Energy emerges as a key player in this fight, leveraging partnerships with OEMs and school bus customers to spearhead the adoption of electric school buses. By forging partnerships…

ev charging
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As the auto industry shifts towards electric vehicles (EVs), InCharge Energy is leading the way in equipping auto dealerships with advanced EV charging infrastructure and management solutions. This video showcases how InCharge Energy’s comprehensive offerings, including a wide range of EV chargers and the InControl Charge Management Software, are transforming dealership operations. Dealerships can…