MarketScale Mornings


The Impact of Coronavirus on Online Learning and Remote Work

On this episode of MarketScale Mornings, Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin and host Tyler Kern were joined by MarketScale Senior Instructional Designer Brian Runo to discuss the capabilities of online learning and remote work in helping businesses, universities and more be agile in the face of coronavirus-related disruptions. Topics included opportunities and challenges on both […]

Development and Engineering Services That Push Innovations to Market: MarketScale Mornings

On this episode of MarketScale Mornings, hosts Taylor Bagley and Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin were joined by Paragon Innovations CEO and Founder Mike Wilkinson.   Founded in 1990 and counting companies like 3M, Hitachi, Medtronic, Motorola, and Siemens as clients, Paragon is one of the nation’s leading providers of turn-key product development and innovation […]

The Evolution of Vari and Rebranding Workspace Innovation

  On this episode of MarketScale Mornings, hosts Tyler Kern and Daniel Litwin were joined by Vari CEO Jason McCann. Vari, formerly Varidesk until a rebranding earlier this year, is a workspace innovation company based in Dallas, Texas. The company’s mission is to create workspaces that elevate people, and Vari boasts 350 employees, millions of customers […]

The Power of Original B2B Content: MarketScale Mornings

On the latest episode of MarketScale Mornings, Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin and host Taylor Raglin sat down for a discussion on all things original B2B content. In particular, the discussion turned to narrative-based content, such as the new Microdrones series, Down to Earth. Litwin and Raglin were joined by Matt Rosenbalm, Microdrones Sales Manager, […]

What is the Future of AR and VR in Education?

On this episode of MarketScale Mornings, zSpace Senior Director, Sales Kevin Dougherty joined Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin and B2B Media Producer Tyler Kern live in MarketScale’s Trinity Studio. zSpace is a highly engaging augmented reality and virtual reality learning platform designed with K-12 cross-curricular lessons in mind, and zSpace trainings are designed to ensure […]

RoboKind's Milo Robot

Why Your Next Classroom Instructor Might Be a Robot

It is no longer debatable that technology is driving the standard of the modern day learning environment. From robots to online learning solutions, education today is officially changing. Hosts Tyler Kern and Geoffrey Short sat down with Robokind CEO Val Loomer to chat about robotics and AI and how are impacting the industry. The three also discussed […]