The Power of Original B2B Content: MarketScale Mornings

On the latest episode of MarketScale Mornings, Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin and host Taylor Raglin sat down for a discussion on all things original B2B content.

In particular, the discussion turned to narrative-based content, such as the new Microdrones series, Down to Earth.

Litwin and Raglin were joined by Matt Rosenbalm, Microdrones Sales Manager, to highlight how Down to Earth not only provided viewers with an intimate look at the use of a drone on a surveying project, but engaged audiences in a unique way while still delivering a valuable vehicle for sharing the capabilities of Microdrones products.

Litwin, Raglin and Rosenbalm also touched on the importance of ancillary characters, the challenges in creating large-scale content like Down to Earth, and the future of original content at Microdrones and beyond.

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