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The Marking Minute discusses the impact of engineered film and safety marking products on our lives. From AEC to Healthcare, this industry leader provides insight into current events and innovative technology. Take a minute to understand the influence some of the products you see every day have on the world around us.



How Do Our Products Fit in the RDOF and Utility Infrastructure Bill

The Rural Digital Opportunity Fund, or RDOF, enacted in 2019, provides $20.4 billion in funding for rural broadband construction over ten years. Complementing this fund, the newly enacted Infrastructure and Jobs Act promises to bring much relief to the nation in similar projects. With the next decade primed for a flurry of activity, it’s […]


Building a Career at Presco

While many companies look at positions as just job,. Presco commits to providing careers for its workforce. The Marking Minute host Daniel Litwin chatted with Kelly Brown, HR Representative, to learn more.

Supply chain

Navigating Supply Chain Issues adn Extended Lead Times

Supply chain delays have been in the headlines since early 2021. “It’s something we’re discussing and having conversations about on a day-to-day basis. It’s been crazy. No market, no industry appears immune from the challenges,” said Michael Smith, Business Development Manager at Presco. Presco is a part of its larger parent company, Trident. Trident has […]

Mulch Film

Marking Minute News: The Mulch Film Market is Growing

The market for biodegradable mulch film is growing rapidly according to a new report out from Market Study Report, LLC. The Global Biodegradable Mulch Film Market is expected to rise from its initial estimated value of nearly $42 billion in 2018 to an estimated value of 77 billion by 2026. These mulch films are attractive […]


Presco Safeguard Drapery: A Barrier from COVID-19

The battle to suppress COVID-19 has been raging on for months across the world, and the best offense has proven to be a good defense. However, it’s the health workers on the front lines who are in the greatest need of defending, and Presco is here with an arsenal of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to […]

Project Space

The Marking Minute -Presco: Fiber-Build and FTTH Project Space

When the onset of the pandemic pushed everyone back into their homes, one of our greatest assets became having uninterrupted access to the internet. While fiber to the home initiatives (FTTH) were on the up and coming prior to COVID-19, the pandemic brought a slush of funding and attention to the industry. National Account Manager […]

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Trident family hassolutions to assist theRDOF and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Actinitiatives.   KEY POINTS:  Remote work & education needs accelerate rural broadband access advocacy.  Trident Solutions’ products play a critical role in protecting and identifying utility assets.  The Clean Water and Drinking Fund appropriated $15B into lead service lines and replacements.  The Rural Digital Opportunity Fund, or RDOF, enacted in 2019, provides $20.4 […]


Marking the Territory—Presco’s Role in the Invisible Pet Fence Industry

The growth in pet purchases over the pandemic caused an increased need for solutions to keep those pets safe. And, with traditional fencing not always within budget or visually aligned with the neighborhood, people have turned to invisible fences in increasing numbers. To discuss how these solutions get implemented and share insights into what pet […]

Marking products

Marking Minute: The Importance of Marking Products in the Forestry Industry

Marking products are an invaluable tool in the forestry industry, as Sherry Qualls, Inside Sales Account Manager at Presco, explained to Marking Minute’s Tyler Kern. “Presco’s marking products, specifically our flexible PVC roll flagging tape, are utilized in the forestry industry year-round for many different purposes,” Qualls said. Marking products are an indispensable tool for […]

Why You Want to Work at Presco

While many companies look at positions as just job,. Presco commits to providing careers for its workforce. The Marking Minute host Daniel Litwin chatted with Kelly Brown, HR Representative, to learn more. “We have a wide variety of different positions, from entry-level to sales and administrative,” Brown said. The inclusive and welcoming culture of the […]

safety marking products

What is the Latest in Safety Marking Products for the Waterworks Industry?

The waterworks industry requires a variety of safety marking products—some that are visible and some that are underground. Filling listeners in on the subject, The Marking Minute featured expert Sean Cash, National Accounts Manager at Presco. “We often take for granted that water is there and available, but so much goes into the waterworks industry. They require a […]

ID markers

The Marking Minute: The Wide World of ID Markers

The world of ID markers is massive. There’s always something identifying an area, asset or location. Diving into the market and talking about its growth and changes, Kyle Wagner, Senior Business Development Manager of William Fick & Company, joined this episode of The Marking Minute. Presco acquired William Frick & Company in 2020, expanding capabilities […]


Marking Minute: A Closer Look at Copper-Clad Tracer Wire

Although not many people outside of the construction industry know anything about copper-clad tracer wire, this hard-working but under-appreciated tool certainly deserves more praise. This type of tracer wire consists of a steel core that is metallurgically bonded to an outside casing of copper, which makes it much better than copper wire for locating underground […]


Marking Minute: Why Presco Can Provide More than Its Customers Expect

Presco’s customers often know they can trust the marking company for one aspect of their product line. Whether it’s marking flags or detectable tape, they may have had a partnership for years, but perhaps don’t realize they could get something like tracer wire or barricade tape from Presco, as well. “You can’t assume they […]


Marking Minute: How Presco Utilized PVC as PPE when the Coronavirus Pandemic Hit

You may know Presco for its barricade tape or marking flags, but a number of new customers got to know the company this year during the coronavirus pandemic. Presco quickly got up and running, creating personal protective equipment (PPE) solutions using PVC. John Yianitsas, Vice President of New Business Development at Presco, said PVC […]


Marking Minute: Behind the Scenes in The Presco Lab

Dr. Stephen Hutcheson, Technical Director, Presco Polymers and Stephen Janak, Chemical Engineer, Presco popped by Marking Minute to give host James Kent an insider’s perspective on the research & development process of many of Presco’s products. Dr. Hutcheson, a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, found his love of STEM at an early age. His father […]


Marking Minute: Digging Into Presco’s Lamination Solutions

Presco is known for its tremendous variety of marking products, but some customers might not realize the company also offers a wide range of lamination solutions. Tony Car, Technical Sales for Engineered Film at Presco, said there are number of areas where the company is doing exciting work, with product applications ranging from items for […]


The Marking Minute: Formulating Vinyl for Medical Applications with Beth Guinn

The medical and healthcare field is one that revolves around trust, and our guest plays a big part in that. Beth Guinn is the VP of Engineered Film Sales at Presco, and she joins host Tyler Kern to talk about how Presco formulates vinyl for various medical applications on this episode of The Marking […]

The Marking Minute: The Pros of Proflex Vinyl

Proflex Vinyl is a company that cares about their customers and gives great service with their products, said Liz Reese, sales coordinator for parent company Presco. How does that attitude translate itself into the product and beyond? Reese joins The Marking Minute podcast to talk about the company and their deliverables, and the […]


The Marking Minute: Understanding the True Nature of PVC

PVC, polyvinyl chloride, is a common plastic most widely known for its use in piping and plumping. But unfortunately, this type of vinyl has gotten an undeserving bad rap. Though once made using heavy metals like lead, today’s American made PVC does not contain these harmful pollutants. In fact, PVC is a safe and […]

Wholesaler Distribution

Marking Minute: Maximizing Efficiency Through Wholesaler Distribution Networks

On this episode of Presco’s Marking Minute, Wade Wilson, Vice President of Safety Marking Product Sales at Presco, and Clayton Chancy, Director of Marketing at Presco, joined host Daniel Litwin to break down the company’s unique and valued relationship with its product distributors. The tips they provided apply to all industry product/distributor relationships. Wilson […]


The Marking Minute: Exploring New Markets for Polymer Products

PVC piping, vent ducting, vinyl fabric, and safety flags: These common everyday products are all around us, but rarely do we think of where they came from, how they were made, and how important they are to daily life. In this episode of The Marking Minute by Presco, we explore the many uses of polymer […]


The Marking Minute: Inside the Culture of Award-Winning Presco Polymers

You might not expect the chief financial officer of a polymer company to enthusiastically raise the flag for the concept of conscious capitalism, but clearly you haven’t met David Chisum, senior vice president and CFO of Presco Polymers. On this episode of The Marking Minute, a Presco podcast, host Sean Heath got the opportunity […]

Presco Career Opportunity: Troubleshooters Wanted for Industrial Maintenance Technician Position

If you are great at problem solving, enjoy working with electrical equipment, and have a passion for learning new skills, then Presco is ready for your application. On this Marking Minute Jobcast, we were joined by Paul Manley, vice president of engineering at Presco Polymers, to detail their open position of Industrial Maintenance Technician […]

Beth Buinn talk

Marking Minute: How Vinyl Makes Physical Marketing Give Digital Marketing a Run for its Money

Vinyl film is all around us. On benches, cars, vans, and more. Though we may not notice these wraps, they play a massive part in the marketing industry. Here to elaborate on the use and sale of vinyl film products in marketing on today’s episode of The Marking Minute is Beth Guinn, vice president […]

marking products

The Marking Minute: Maintaining Consistency While Creating Custom Products

When you think about the world of marking products and engineered films, you may think it’s a one-size-fits-all approach. Our guest today couldn’t disagree more. Most applications require specific formulations to meet the needs of that specific project, and many different factors impact formulation, both internal and external. Stephen Janak, chemical engineer at Presco, […]

Marking Minute

The Marking Minute: How Storing Glue has Evolved from Makeshift Miller Lite Kegs

In this episode of The Marking Minute by Presco, host Sean Heath sat down with Paul Manley, vice president of engineering for Presco Polymers to discuss how the manufacturing and engineering process has grown over time. While glue distribution hasn’t changed much during his time at Presco, storage systems have substantially improved. Today, glue […]

Marking Minute: Why the Marking Industry’s Product Line Continues to Grow, with CJ Freeman of Presco

On the first episode of Presco’s Marking Minute, we’re joined by CJ Freeman, a National Account Manager for Presco, who helps set the stage for the podcast by unpacking the company’s varied and essential product line, making a case for why marking products should be seen first and foremost as safety products. For starters, […]