Stephanie Cegielski

Vice President, Research and Public Relations ICSC

Skilled communications professional with experience in corporate communications, public relations, executive eminence building, thought leadership and corporate social responsibility programs. Expert in conceptualizing, developing and executing strategic stakeholder engagement campaigns that leverage targeted public, media, and influencer relations and innovative digital and social media tactics. Possess solid research and analytical skills with an emphasis on maximizing data-driven market research, competitive analysis, and industry trends to build long-term brand visibility. Significant media experience, with appearances on MSNBC, Bloomberg, Yahoo! and Fox Business and is often quoted in national media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times. Effective builder of high performing teams where individual strengths are amplified and authenticity and transparency are encouraged.

Doctor of Law (JD), Law 2003 - 2006
Bachelor of Arts (BA), Economics
social Social Media
image-16-1 Public Policy
image-71 Public Speaking
public-relation Public Relations

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Not Dead Yet: U.S. Malls Thrive Thanks to Gen Z and the Social Appeal of Shopping

Stephanie Cegielski - September 11, 2023

Contrary to predictions of their decline, US malls are adapting in innovative ways to the evolving retail landscape. In 2022, foot traffic surged, with top-tier malls seeing a 12% rise from 2019 levels, and their lower-tier counterparts experiencing a 10% increase.

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