Stephanie Leger

Chief Excellence Officer First Rate Hospitality

For the last twenty years served in the hotel industry globally, including Ritz-Carlton, Mandarin Oriental, Forbes Travel Guide Inspector, AAA, and many others associated with the luxury hotel industry. Other areas of expertise include Spa, Food & Beverage, Recreation, and Casino Operations.

• Provided countless reviews of operational evaluations.
• Trained service standards worldwide to the top hotels in the world.
• Implemented strategic planning in various hotels to thrive in their market.
• Assisted hotels during crises such as natural disasters, ZIKA, and the recession of 2008.

My passion for creating employee performance development and engagement has led to learning multiple cultural backgrounds.

Hospitality and Tourism
image-2023-10-12T073248.598 Luxury Hotels
image-2023-10-12T073331.975 Hotel Operations
image-2023-10-12T073417.122 Hotel Workforce
image-2023-10-12T072416.080 Revenue Management
image-2023-10-12T073518.768 Hospitality Training

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