Travis Tokar

Professor of Supply Chain Management Texas Christian University

Travis Tokar is a Professor of Supply Chain Management in the Information Systems and Supply Chain Management Department at TCU, holding a PhD, MTLM, and BS/BA from the University of Arkansas. He specializes in behavioral issues in logistics, replenishment management, and business forecasting. Among his notable publications is the research on motivation framing in supply chain tasks and online shopper behaviors in response to shipping charges. Professor Tokar's expertise significantly influences current understandings of decision-making in supply chain management.

Ph.D., Business Logistics 2002 - 2006
Masters of Transportation and Logistics Management 2000 - 2001
image-2023-10-04T231704.952 Supply Chain Management
image-2023-10-04T231842.058 Logistics
image-2023-10-04T232025.020 Business Forecasting
image-2023-10-04T232459.713 Behavioral Decision Making

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Recent Posts

supply chain disruptions

Are Supply Chain Disruptions Impacting Consumer Behavior? Inflation Could be the Bigger Culprit.

Travis Tokar - November 17, 2023

A recent survey by o9 Solutions reveals significant shifts in consumer behavior due to supply chain disruptions, with over half reporting direct impacts on purchasing habits. Amidst rising costs, many are halting purchases or seeking more cost-effective alternatives, signaling a critical moment for industries to reassess and innovate their supply chain strategies.

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return fees and supply chain

The Price of Fashion: Decoding Retail Policies Amidst Rising Supply Chain Costs

Travis Tokar - November 17, 2023

Recently, fast fashion retailer H&M backtracked on a decision to charge its UK customers a small return fee on online purchases returned to its brick-and-mortar outlets. But the price of fashion is high, and recent trends like 'try-and-return' purchases have prompted several clothing brands to change their return policies.

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Episodes - The Road to the Dallas 100

The Road to the Dallas 100: Improving

Daniel Litwin - July 28, 2023

Fasten your seatbelts and gear up for an exciting ride on The Road to the Dallas 100! Brought to you by the collaborative efforts of Daniel Litwin, the resonating voice of B2B, along with MarketScale and SMU's Cox School of Business, we dive deep into the inspiring narratives of Dallas' fastest expanding enterprises.

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Appealing to the Crowd: Motivation Message Framing and Crowdsourcing Performance in Retail Operations

Travis Tokar - March 28, 2021

These findings shed light on elements critical to the successful utilization of this new type of crowdsourced “employment” in supply chain and operations tasks and suggest the careful crafting of crowdsourced task messages as a low-cost way for managers to improve task performance outcomes.

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I Heart Logistics—Just Don’t Ask Me to Pay For It: Online Shopper Behavior in Response to a Delivery Carrier Upgrade and Subsequent Shipping Charge Increase

Travis Tokar - March 2, 2020

Through a series of vignette experiments, we examine the question of how online shoppers respond to a shipping charge increase when the retailer switches to a more highly perceived delivery carrier.

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Public Policy and Supply Chain Management: Using Shared Foundational Principles to Improve Formulation, Implementation, and Evaluation

Travis Tokar - March 18, 2019

This article makes the case that such issues are highly relevant to the field of SCM, and that SCM researchers are uniquely positioned to speak to the issues by virtue of the foundational principles and levels of analysis that define our discipline. The discussion provides suggestions and examples of how fruitful research might be conducted in this space.

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