Christine Russo

Principal Retail Creative and Consulting Agency

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Christine works as a technology solution provider for CEOs, Founders, Executive and Senior Leadership to give them a platform to tell their story to Enterprise, SMBs, independent boutiques, graduate students, media thought leaders, retail executives, brands and DTC retailers. She works with US-based technology companies as well as global startups throughout Europe and Israel.

Bachelor of Arts - Policy & Economics
Certificate in Artificial Intelligence, Implications for Business Strategy
interior Interior Design
brand-develop Brand Development
image-11 Marketing
retails Retail Design

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Recent Posts


FindMine: How Personalization Effects Brands

Christine Russo - December 28, 2022

Over 89% of digital businesses are now investing in personalization marketing tactics. An individualized approach is said to hook the consumer, invite more interaction, and help boost sales.

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startup business model

Achieving Transparency in the Startup Business Model

Christine Russo - December 22, 2022

With the successes of businesses and companies like Facebook, Apple, and Uber, startups are more common than ever, as many niche markets with a startup business model have proven to be lucrative. But starting a new business idea and finding success within it doesnt happen overnight.

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digital fashion

From Garment to 3D: How Digital Fashion Came into the Spotlight

Christine Russo - December 20, 2022

Digital fashion is the latest rage in the fashion industry at the moment. According to The Digital Speaker, in recent years fashion houses have been working with gaming developers to produce fashion in 3D.

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return avalanche

Conquering the eCommerce Return Avalanche

Christine Russo - December 15, 2022

The rise in online ordering during the pandemic created an inevitable side effect:returns. Retail returns rose an average of 16.

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linear and CTV

Hitting Your Consumer Through Linear and CTV

Christine Russo - December 8, 2022

Todays technology provides many options for those wanting to reach audiencesthrough TV. Linear TV is no longer the only option; CTV, or connected television,continues to spread as more and more consumers cut the cord of traditional linearoptions and move to internet streaming content.

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Web 3.0

Brands Who Want to Understand Web 3.0

Christine Russo - December 6, 2022

Web 3.0 is the talk of the digital world.

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