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Christine Russo

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The Future of Cryptocurrency in Digital World of Rising AI

The growth of cryptocurrency is a sign of how digitalization is the norm, even as it sees its own transformation. But the popularity of cryptocurrency is why its growth rate is slated to jump with a CAGR of 12.5 percent between now and 2030. However, market watchers can expect to see some shifts as changes in cryptocurrency continue to expand and become a growing level of importance in blockchain and other digital incentives.

What are some predictions in the foreseeable future for new technology in this growing digital world?

In a recent episode of “What Just Happened?” host Christine Russo interviewed Matt Wurst, the Cofounder and Chief Marketing Officer at Mint, about the evolution of cryptocurrency, tokens, and the rise of AI programs.

Wurst indicated that when NFT entered the picture its introduction was fast and moved relatively quickly, which is also why things have relaxed to make way for some new changes now. He said along with personalization of tokens, there will be bigger names becoming attached to NFTs, which will ultimately shape the future of it.

“The first phase of NFT or NFT 1.0, saw some missteps. Individual adoption of blockchain and crypto has accelerated over the last two years, but now we’re starting to see strategies put in place, things are slowing down, and what was missing from all of that was almost like a marketing 101. So, I think big brands, whether they are music and publishing networks or CPG companies, or travel and hospitality brands, I actually think they’re going to lead the next phase, and because they are adept at omnichannel content creation for social and for their owned and operated websites, I think those creators are going to be adapting to some theses new tools and we already seeing powerful models for companies to use that go beyond just collectability.”

Russo and Wurst also discussed …

  1. How companies are adapting and utilizing cryptocurrency and digital media
  2. Some of the recent and current shifts happening and how companies are keeping up with their digital marketing strategies
  3. The growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs and what industries people can expect to see the most of its impact

“We’re going to see feature length films created entirely by AI on a $5,000 budget in a matter of years,” said Wurst. “We’re seeing newsrooms at publications already leveraging Midjourney and Spatial to improve the quality of their art. So, I think we’re going to see a combination of things, but from an everyday user perspective, improving the quality of their work to make them more efficient and more creative in other ways is going to be exciting. It’s already happening, but I think also as some of these free tools become more crowded and the paywall to enter … I think that’ll start to differentiate a lot of things very quickly because the everyday usage will be still somewhat banal, but be really high-end work that AI can deliver based on really smart innovative use cases.”

Matt Wurst is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Mint. He was previously the Global Client Partnerships Lead at Jellyfish and has two decades of marketing experience.

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