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Crypto Trading Platforms: Canada Tightens Regulations

Canada breathed a sigh of relief when its regulatory body, The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA), prevented FTX from entering its country in June 2022. It’s unclear what issues the FTX Read more


mocktail movement
The Stats Say Alcohol Intake is Down, but the Demand for Flavor is Not. Can the Mocktail Movement Meet Consumer’s Alcohol-Free Needs?
February 4, 2023

The holiday months are filled with indulgent food and drink, spurring the “Dry January” event, which has become a movement many partake in with the dawning of the New Year. In 2021, NIelsonIQ found that 22 percent of U.S. consumers stated they were decreasing their alcohol intake, and non-alcoholic beverage sales were up 19 […]

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Healthcare Cyberattacks
Healthcare Cyberattacks Grew in 2022
February 3, 2023

Concerning data from cybersecurity firm Check Point indicates an increase in cyberattacks on healthcare organizations by 74% in 2022 from the previous year. Healthcare is currently the third most attacked global industry (1,463 attacks per week) behind government/military (1,661 attacks per week) and education/research (2,314 attacks per week.) And in the United States, Healthcare […]

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CES 2023 crowd attendance
Top Trends at CES 2023 from Bosch, John Deere, and More
February 3, 2023

Top notch technology and top notch attendance secured CES 2023 its gold medal; to put it simply, this year’s CES was a huge success. The world’s largest and most prominent consumer electronics and technology exhibition, CES served its usual role as a testing ground for ground-breaking innovations across multiple verticals. From 5G to Web3, and […]

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Crypto Trading Platforms: Canada Tightens Regulations
December 29, 2022

Canada breathed a sigh of relief when its regulatory body, The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA), prevented FTX from entering its country in June 2022. It’s unclear what issues the FTX collapse would have caused had it been allowed to operate. Still, its demise is ushering in new protections for Canadian investors and crypto trading platforms […]

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Is Today’s Biggest Crypto Story Even About Crypto?
November 22, 2022

The rapid downfall of cryptocurrency exchange FTX has piqued the interest of the world, but is it a crypto or even a regulation story? Or is it simply a cautionary tale of business mismanagement? There are many lenses from which to view the story from, with no consensus yet formed. Charlton Haupt, CEO of […]

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The Fall of FTX Arena Highlights Big Risk in High-Profile Branding Partnerships
November 18, 2022

As the saying goes, the bigger you are the harder you fall. Well, FTX has fallen pretty hard over the past few weeks. A company that once was valued at over $30b is now nearing bankruptcy as deals continue to fall through for the crypto giant. The most recent of these implosions is the […]

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Should Big Cryptocrime Sow Doubt in Crypto’s Safety?
November 8, 2022

The Feds just seized nearly $3.4 billion in stolen bitcoin from a cryptothief. This is clearly bad news for that thief, but it also begs the question: Is this a PR problem for the crypto industry? If you can steal billions in crypto assets, is the decentralized infrastructure really all that safe for companies […]

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What a Proof-of-Stake Ethereum Means for Business’ Blockchain Use Cases
September 29, 2022

After six years of preparation and ongoing speculation around its potential success, the second largest blockchain came through with a win and completed a massive overhaul to its infrastructure. Ethereum successfully completed the long-awaited Merge of its existing Historic State layer and its parallel ledger, the Beacon Chain, officially shifting its consensus mechanism from proof-of-work […]

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Gossip about Gossip: Finding Solutions and Keeping up with the Rapid Growth of Tokens
June 14, 2022

In an episode of “Gossip about Gossip,” podcast host and Senior Vice President of Hedera, Zenobia Godschalk chatted with Katryna Dow, CEO and founder at Meeco, an Australian-based technology company, about token trust. As the growth and popularity of digital tokens increase, so do privacy and environmental concerns. Dow was inspired to create Meeco many […]

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Gossip About Gossip: Hedera Comes to Switzerland
June 10, 2022

With technology only set to continue its lift-off, companies are beginning to see the value of going digital, securing assets via technological security, and decentralization. Most popularized in the cryptocurrency space, blockchain is branching off in new directions as firms acknowledge its multi-tiered uses. But blockchain isn’t all that’s out there. Kamal Youseffi, President and […]

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Weaver On-Chain: Crypto Tax Reporting
May 27, 2022

Shehan Chandrasekera, Head of Tax Strategy at CoinTracker, is a subject matter expert in cryptocurrency taxation. Like many who first experience crypto, Chandrasekera saw the potential of cryptoassets, but realized transacting and investing in these assets presented an enormous administrative burden. With few professionals and CPAs skilled in the industry, Shehan set out to build […]

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Weaver On Chain: The Current Regulatory and Tax Challenges of Decentralization
April 22, 2022

David Kerr, Principal at Cowrie, has ten years of experience in tax strategy, financial accounting, anti-money laundering, international tax compliance, and risk consulting across the gaming, telecommunications, technology, and digital asset industries. He is an expert in decentralized autonomous organizations and advises on structuring for legal and tax purposes. DAOs are represented by rules that […]

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