How Arkhia is Partnering with Google Cloud to Support Web3 Developers on the Hedera Network

April 25, 2023

The demand for reliable, transparent, and secure data solutions has never been greater than it is today as our society becomes increasingly dominated by decentralized technology like blockchain and crypto applications. One company, Arkhia, provides developers with comprehensive resources and highly resilient infrastructure for their development and API needs, including data statistics and analytics, customer support, team management, and more. With the Arkhia platform, Web3 developers can feel rest assured that sufficient data from the Hedera public network will be available. This, of course, is all made possible by Arkhia’s partnership with Google Cloud, which utilized mirror nodes to handle complex data tasks.

There is a lot of buzz around mirror node networks, but how are they used and what’s their significance?

In this episode of Gossip about Gossip host Zenobia Godschalk from Swirlds Labs speaks with Arkhia’s CTO, Daniel Costa, about his team’s partnership with Google Cloud, what it brings to the table, and how Arkhia can help other Web3 developers use the Hedera protocol to reach your goals and achieve your visions.

They discuss:

  1. The benefits and services provided by Arkhia’s partnerships with Google
  2. How mirror nodes are being used in the development of dApps and how they are crucial in ensuring reliability and security
  3. What to expect from Arkhia in the near future, and how they plan to augment their APIs and offerings

“Web3 can be a bit of a Wild West… it is constantly changing and evolving,” says Costa. “So in understanding what Web3 tools and what type of technologies you need to achieve your goal, Hedera has the key tools to do what you want in a simple and powerful way. And we can help you scale and help by being a guiding light in an ecosystem where people are trying to achieve their goals.”

Costa is Scrum Master certified with extensive experience of applying Agile methodologies in multiple business models/teams. His solid reputation in mid-tier/backend development, reactive dynamic systems, front end development, APIs and system architecture, has made him an impactful leader in technology and innovation at companies such as Morgan Stanley and AGDelta.

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