Retail Innovation Takes Center Stage at Coach Under Giovanni Zaccariello’s Leadership

November 15, 2023
Christine Russo


In an era where digitalization and sustainability are reshaping the retail landscape, Giovanni Zaccariello, SVP of Global Visual Experience at Coach, offers a fresh perspective on retail innovation. With the post-pandemic world demanding more engaging and responsible brand experiences, Coach’s strategy stands out. A recent study by McKinsey highlights the increasing importance of digital and sustainable practices in retail, affirming Coach’s forward-thinking approach.

So how does Coach’s fusion of digital innovation, sustainability, and localized initiatives transform the shopping experience?

The latest episode of “What Just Happened” features host Christine Russo in conversation with Giovanni Zaccariello, exploring Coach’s retail innovation strategies. They discuss the evolution of Coach’s retail strategy, focusing on immersive, sustainable, and localized brand experiences.

The discussion covers:

  • The importance of catering to local tastes and cultures in retail activations, especially in diverse markets like North America, China, and Japan.
  • The introduction of Coachtopia, a sub-brand focusing on circular design principles, underscoring Coach’s commitment to sustainable practices.
  • The seamless integration of online and offline experiences, particularly in China, where live streaming and technology play a crucial role.

Giovanni Zaccariello, with over 12 years at Coach, has spearheaded several innovative projects. An Italian native with a branding background from Oxford, he has a rich global perspective. His journey from managing Visual Merchandising (VM) in Asia-Pacific to his current global role reflects a deep understanding of the evolving retail landscape.

Article written by Sonia Gossai.

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