Craig Austin

Associate Teaching Professor Florida International University - College of Business

Craig Austin is senior export/import and logistics professional with more than fifteen years experience in all aspects of international logistics, CFS & Gateway operations, and supply chain logistics. Consistently able to manage multiple projects with competing priorities involving program development, quality control, and safety initiatives. Demonstrated capability in leading poor-performing groups toward higher productivity and excellence. A change-agent capable of leading corporate transition and process reengineering, possessing superior communication and business development skills with senior and other levels of management and staff.

MBA, Management 1996 - 1998
BA, International Relations 1988 - 1992
image-4 Process Improvement
image-4 Management
image-58 Business Strategy
image-2023-10-04T231704.952 Supply Chain Management
project-management Project Management

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Recent Posts

supply chain and logistics

Revolutionary Innovations in Supply Chain and Logistics Reduce the Disruptions and Increase the Efficiencies

Craig Austin - February 23, 2024

How is artificial intelligence (AI) reshaping how goods are managed and delivered in supply chain and logistics? Innovations in drone technology and AI-driven safety protocols are paving new paths for efficiency and security in logistics solutions.

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searching for auto parts

Searching for Auto Parts: Why is it so Difficult?

Craig Austin - January 16, 2024

Life was supposed to return to normal after the pandemic, but over a year after the official end of the crisis, searching for auto parts still has customers and distributors looking for answers.So, how are auto manufacturers and part makers adapting to the ongoing challenges in the automotive supply chain, and why is it so difficult?

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AI in logistics

AI in Logistics: Of All Trends Shaping the Industry, AI is the one Creating the Most Significant Impact

Craig Austin - January 8, 2024

How is artificial intelligence (AI) revolutionizing the logistics industry, and what this means for future supply chain management?Craig Austin, an Associate Teaching Professor at Florida International University, sheds light on the transformative impact of AI in logistics, highlighting its potential to reshape how people manage and track inventories.

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UAW Strike Impacts Transportation

UAW’s Strike and Tentative Deal Pose an “Existential Struggle” For the Auto Industry

Craig Austin - November 14, 2023

Amidst the current labor disputes in the automotive industry, how can unions like the United Auto Workers balance their demands with the automakers' need to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving electric vehicle market?In a landmark labor movement, the United Auto Workers (UAW) secured a significant contract victory with General Motors after a 46-day strike, marking a resurgence in union power reminiscent of the New Deal era.

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"China Plus One"

India is a Strong “China Plus One” Contender, But Supply Chain Strategies Need to Be “China Plus Many”

Craig Austin - August 2, 2023

In an era of the evolving global supply chain, businesses are looking beyond China, a traditional manufacturing behemoth, for diversification. The reasoning is clear: mounting political tensions and escalating costs have driven companies to explore alternative supply chain strategies.

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